Soft Tissue Therapy

Proven to strengthen your balance, expand movement, and improve well-being from day one

Unlock your physical potential no matter your age,
lifestyle, or body type

Whether you’re a triathlete, soccer mom, or bookworm, you’ll achieve and maintain your best body

Soft Tissue Therapy

Our systematic approach eliminates structural weaknesses and muscular imbalances related to stress, trauma, overuse and inflexibility with techniques such as:

Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing

Using various forms of resistance, we grade the weakness of different muscles to deliver targeted strengthening

Deep-Tissue Massage

Deep-Tissue Massage

Sustained pressure and slow strokes on deeper muscles and fascia to help heal chronic pain, stiffness, inflammation, and more

Manual Stretching

Manual Stretching

Increase range of motion and flexibility as our experts stretch your body segments incrementally beyond their point of tissue resistance

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release

Relieve the pressure, tightness, and pain of connective tissue for improved musculoskeletal support and protection

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Targeted pressure cycles to release muscle pain and constriction at the source, as well as referred pain throughout the body

What can you achieve with our soft tissue therapy?

  • Heal an achy back or neck
  • Recover from an injury
  • Avoid injuries
  • Train for an event
  • Cycle short or long distances
  • Alleviate tight or tired muscles
  • Return to a sport
  • Maintain flexibility
  • Engage in bodybuilding
  • Change your training activity/intensity level
  • Build functional strength
  • And much more

Not only limited to these sources

We have expert therapists who care about your body, your results and your experience


Comprehensive Assessments

We’re committed to understanding you and your body by listening to you and evaluating range of motion, positional strength, palpation, and much more


Personalized Programs

You’ll get the most effective treatments as they are optimized to your unique body, physical needs, and lifestyle goals, all on your schedule


High Touch Service

Book appointments in just a few clicks to get individualized treatments in our relaxing, state-of-the-art facility with your dedicated therapist who knows you and your body


Expert Therapists

We leverage our years of training and experience, backed by continuing education to consistently deliver the best results


Extensive Support

From DIY exercises to anatomical knowledge, we love sharing information that gives you more self-sufficiency and freedom to maintain your body

Muscle Rehab practitioner does not diagnose illness, diseases or any other physical or mental disorder. The practitioner does not prescribe medical treatment of pharmaceuticals. It has been made clear that Muscle Rehab is not a substitute for medical examination or diagnosis and that it is recommended that you see a physician for any serious physical
ailments that one may have.